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What Every IT Service Provider Needs to know about the Cloud

  • How to avoid the pitfalls to entering the cloud space
  • Real¬†cloud strategies for MSPs
  • How to speak cloud to your clients

Is Your Customer (or Prospect) Ready for the Cloud?

  • What are your customers’ cloud expectations?
  • How do your customers currently buy IT services?
  • Does your customer desperately need a technology refresh?

8 Technical Points to Consider When Evaluating a Potential Cloud Customer

  • Is it time for a technology refresh?
  • Remote workforce, multi-location and mobility
  • Specific industry privacy and security concerns

6 Keys to Building a Successful Cloud Business

  • Are you sure you can make money selling cloud?
  • Leverage the partnerships and expertise of a cloud service provider your can trust
  • Be an educator

Selling Cloud Solutions to Non-IT Executives

  • What truly excites executives about cloud?
  • The 5 essential characteristics of cloud computing
  • The fastest closing cloud scenarios

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