Q.  How will productivity be increased?
A.  It starts with the deployment of servers, desktops, and email. You won’t have to invest in the time, effort or skills necessary to make it happen. With the CloudAny® self-provisioning control panel, your solution will be set up on within minutes.

Q.  What type of training is available?
A.  You’ll receive assistance in Marketing, Sales, as well as clear information about what clients can achieve with CloudAny. After training, individuals will understand terminology and technology. They’ll know what works in the Cloud and how to use the control panel. This will allow your team to successfully market to potential new customers and increase sales.

Q.  How is the training delivered?
A.  We train via webinars as well as an on-site boot camp. We share our knowledge base through your partner-portal. Q.  Who should participate in training?
A.  Sales, marketing and technical personnel should all receive training.

Q  Are there any types of environments that will not work with the Cloud?
A.  Yes, those without good Internet connectivity. Also in some cases, those dealing with high-res graphics (3D cad) or huge amounts of data (GIS). Finally, MAC interface will not run in the Cloud.

Q.  How is the data migrated to the Cloud?
A.  We will work with you to develop an appropriate migration plan that minimizes downtime and potential for data loss.

Q.  How long does migration take?
A.  This depends on the quantity of data and the complexity of integrations. However, we think you’ll be amazed just how quickly this can occur.

Q.  What are the benefits of a hosted virtual desktop?
A.  Your client’s environment (data and applications) is available from anywhere they can access an Internet connection.  The technology refresh cycle is virtually eliminated. In keeping with the rapid changes in end-user devices, users can work from any device they choose.

Q. How do I choose from the Private Cloud (on/off premise), the Public Cloud and the Hybrid Cloud?
A.  The selection will be based upon the client’s needs. Part of CloudAny training is teaching you to recognize the benefits and risks of each solution as a guide.