Unleash your Customers

Your customers are experiencing a evolution. Every day, tools are being put in front of them, proposing tofree them from the boundaries of the local office. These busy individuals keep hearing that they “should be able to have access anywhere, with the CLOUD.” The question is, with the solutions they’re currently relying on, can they? By partnering with CloudAny you can confidently answer that question – with  a resounding “YES.”

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

A CloudAny® hosted desktop enables your customers to access their critical business tools and resources from an Internet connection. Access the desktops from the office, home, phone, tablet, and many other devices. No longer is your customer limited by their location or device. They’ll beable to stop worrying about how to connect, and instead, unleash what they want to accomplish.


CloudAny solutions fit so seamlessly into customer environments that often they question whether or not they are really working in the cloud. By utilizing a unique blend of best-of-breed solutions, CloudAny is able to make the user feel like they’re working on their local PC when in reality, all their data is securely stored in the CloudAnycloud.

Security You Can Count On

With CloudAny, all communication over the Internet, to and from each hosted desktop, is encrypted. In addition to securetransmission, the only data that is transmitted in most cases is screen shots and key clicks. In many cases, this makes the environment even more secure than a normal desktop in an office.  If someone loses their mobile device nothing will be found on it because all your corporate information is stored in the cloud, rather than locally.

Current Technology All the Time

With a hosted desktop you can avoid the pain of the technology refresh cycle.  Software is updated centrally and all desktops can have the new version assigned all at once. When you change devices, you won’t ever have to reload applications and data.  You’ll have the same desktop, applications and data, no matter what device you access from.