Empower your customer’s solutions – deliver the cloud

windows_server_2The CloudAny® line of business hosting solutions allows current software solutions to benefit from our state-of-the-art datacenter. Each Cloud Server is a virtual machine abstracted from the underlying hardware. We use hypervisors with proven performance, reliability and security to give your customers what they need to thrive.

Uptime you can count on

CloudAny is designed to ensure client uptime in the case an unexpected situation. That’s because CloudAny specializes in an indispensable capability – all of our systems can be relocated to other hardware at a moment’s notice. By actively monitoring all host systems, we are able to rapidly identify problems and re-task hardware. This ensures that your customers aren’t impacted bypossible issues that might arise.

Blazing fast…

Our 10GB backbone infrastructure ensures that data flowing between your customer’s hosted desktops, hosted servers and other solutions arrives as quickly as possible. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies simply can’t afford to wait. The speed of CloudAny means your customers’ time is spent focusing on business actions and goals – not waiting on hardware.