The Right Partner Makes All The Difference

I’m the cloud provider, I buy the software and the hardware and I have to keep everything running – our resellers are offloading that risk to me.

– Bob Breitman, President and CEO, CloudAny®

Our Partner Program Turns Fixed Expense into Operational Leadership

Look at it this way. You could bypass your electricity and utility providers by purchasing and running your generators and wells with pumps for water and essential services. But why would anyone want to pay for all of that overhead, time, energy, back-ups and worry when you can simply lease the infrastructure on an as-needed basis? CloudAny® operates much the same way when it comes to your IT needs.

CloudAny enables you to help small-to-medium businesses gain ROI while reducing Total Cost of Ownership, freeing up revenue for marketing, personnel, product improvements and investments that help organizations with their core business.

CloudAny brings real value to you and your customers in cloud computing as a reliable partner that covers every base necessary. That’s why smart MSPs turn to CloudAny.